20 May 1988
Vol 240, Issue 4855

About The Cover

Sambia, the “walking fish” of Ambon as depicted by Samuel Fallours, an artist in the employ of the Dutch East Indies Company, around 1700. Fallours's legend to his illustration reads, “I caught it on the sand and kept it alive in my house for three days; it followed me everywhere with great familiarity, much like a little dog.” This “bizarre depiction of an antennariid,” along with other illustrations by Fallours said to have been modeled exactly from nature, was published in Louis Renard's Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabes (Amsterdam, 1719). [From Frogfishes of the World, reviewed on page 1075; courtesy of W. K. Knirrep and the Universiteits-Bibliotheek, Universiteit van Amsterdam]