Translation in mammalian cells of a gene linked to the poliovirus 5' noncoding region

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Science  22 Jul 1988:
Vol. 241, Issue 4864, pp. 445-448
DOI: 10.1126/science.2839901


The central portion (region P) of the 742-nucleotide noncoding 5' end of poliovirus allows the RNA to initiate protein synthesis in the absence of the usual 5' 7-methylguanosine capping group. Poliovirus 5' noncoding region was fused to a reporter gene and transfected into cells. There was extensive augmentation of the expression of this gene by poliovirus-mediated inhibition of cap-dependent protein synthesis. That the construct initiated in a cap-independent manner was verified through in vitro experiments. Small lesions throughout region P blocked its initiation function, implying that a coherent functional unit, hundreds of nucleotides long, is responsible for cap-independent initiation by poliovirus RNA.

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