Duplication, deletion, and polymorphism in the sex-determining region of the mouse Y chromosome

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Science  06 Jan 1989:
Vol. 243, Issue 4887, pp. 78-80
DOI: 10.1126/science.2563173


The ZFY gene in the sex-determining region of the human Y chromosome encodes a "zinc-finger" protein that may be the testis-determining factor, TDF. Although the Y chromosomes of most placental mammals carry a single homolog of ZFY, the mouse Y chromosome has two homologs, both in the sex-determining (Sxr) region. Zfy-1 alone may suffice to determine maleness; Zfy-2 is dispensable, as it was deleted in an Sxr variant that retains sex-determining function but has lost other genes. Both loci mapped near the centromere of the mouse Y chromosome. The Y chromosomes of the subspecies Mus musculus musculus and M. m. domesticus were distinguishable by a Zfy-1 restriction fragment polymorphism, which can be used to study their differing interactions with autosomal sex-determining genes.

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