A genomic sequence and cloned complementary DNA has been identified for a novel receptor-like gene of the PDGF receptor/CSF1 receptor subfamily (platelet-derived growth factor receptor/colony-stimulating factor type 1 receptor). The gene recognized a 6.4-kilobase transcript that was coexpressed in normal human tissues with the 5.3-kilobase PDGF receptor messenger RNA. Introduction of complementary DNA of the novel gene into COS-1 cells led to expression of proteins that were specifically detected with antiserum directed against a predicted peptide. When the new gene was transfected into COS-1 cells, a characteristic pattern of binding of the PDGF isoforms was observed, which was different from the pattern observed with the known PDGF receptor. Tyrosine phosphorylation of the receptor in response to the PDGF isoforms was also different from the known receptor. The new PDGF receptor gene was localized to chromosome 4q11-4q12. The existence of genes encoding two PDGF receptors that interact in a distinct manner with three different PDGF isoforms likely confers considerable regulatory flexibility in the functional responses to PDGF.

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