Epitaxial Growth of Diamond Films on Si(111) at Room Temperature by Mass-Selected Low-Energy C+ Beams

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Science  24 Feb 1989:
Vol. 243, Issue 4894, pp. 1047-1050
DOI: 10.1126/science.243.4894.1047


Diamond films (∼0.7 micrometer thick) have been epitaxially grown on Si(111) substrates at room temperature with mass-selected 120-electronvolt C+ ions. The diamond reflections observed in x-ray diffraction are well localized at their predicted positions, indicating that (i) the diamond(111) and (220) planes are parallel to the Si(111) and (220), respectively; (ii) the diamond rotational spread around its (111) normal is ∼1.7°; and (iii) the mosaic block size is ∼150 Å. The film growth is discussed in terms of subplantation—a shallow subsurface implantation model. This discovery is an important step toward diamond semiconductor devices.

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