12 May 1989
Vol 244, Issue 4905

About The Cover

Color-enhanced tissue section from a human ovarian epithelial carcinoma. The tumor cells contain >fivefold amplification of the HER-2/neu proto-oncogene. The section is immunostained with antibody to the HER-2/neu protein. The typical cystic nature of the tumor can be seen, and there is intense membrane staining (brown color) of the tumor cells lining the cystic structures. Stromal cells and nonmalignant elements are unstained, indicating the absence of the protein (×100). See page 707. [Photograph by D. J. Slamon, Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 90024, and M. F. Press, Department of Pathology, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 90033]