BAS1 has a Myb motif and activates HIS4 transcription only in combination with BAS2

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Science  17 Nov 1989:
Vol. 246, Issue 4932, pp. 931-935
DOI: 10.1126/science.2683089


The BAS1 and BAS2 proteins are both required for activation of GCN4-independent (basal) HIS4 transcription in yeast. BAS1 has an NH2-terminal region similar to those of the myb proto-oncogene family. BAS1 and BAS2, which contains a homeo box, bound to adjacent sites on the HIS4 promoter. The joint requirement of BAS1 and BAS2 for activation is probably not due to cooperative binding or the transcriptional control of one of the genes by the other. Although BAS1 and BAS2 were both required for activation of HIS4 transcription, BAS1 was not required for BAS2-dependent expression of the secreted acid phosphatases. The transcriptional activators of HIS4 have DNA binding domains that are conserved in evolution (BAS1 = Myb, BAS2 = homeo box, GCN4 = Jun). Their interactions, therefore, may be relevant to the control of gene expression in more complex systems.

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