Broadly neutralizing antibodies elicited by the hypervariable neutralizing determinant of HIV-1

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Science  14 Dec 1990:
Vol. 250, Issue 4987, pp. 1590-1593
DOI: 10.1126/science.1703322


The principal neutralizing determinant (PND) of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 resides within the V3 loop of the envelope protein. Antibodies elicited by peptides of this region were able to neutralize diverse isolates. Serum from one of three animals immunized with the human T cell lymphoma virus (HTLV)-IIIMN PND peptide, RP142, neutralized MN and the sequence-divergent HTLV-IIIB isolate. Serum from one of three animals immunized with a 13-amino acid IIIB PND peptide (RP337) also neutralized both of these isolates. Characterization of these sera revealed that the cross-neutralizing antibodies bound the amino acid sequence GlyProGlyArgAlaPhe (GPGRAF) that is present in both isolates. This sequence is frequently found in the PNDs analyzed in randomly selected HIV-1 isolates. Sera from two rabbits immunized with a peptide containing only the GPGRAF residues neutralized divergent isolates, including IIIB and MN.

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