Participation of the TATA factor in transcription of the yeast U6 gene by RNA polymerase C

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Science  25 Jan 1991:
Vol. 251, Issue 4992, pp. 424-426
DOI: 10.1126/science.1989075


Fractionation of transcription extracts has led to the identification of multiple transcription factors specific for each form of nuclear RNA polymerase. Accurate transcription in vitro of the yeast U6 RNA gene by RNA polymerase C requires at least two factors. One of them was physically and functionally indistinguishable from transcription factor IID (TFIID or BTF1), a pivotal component of polymerase B transcription complexes, which binds to the TATA element. Purified yeast TFIID (yIID) or bacterial extracts that contained recombinant yIID were equally competent to direct specific transcription of the U6 gene by RNA polymerase C. The results suggest the formation of a hybrid transcription machinery, which may imply an evolutionary relation between class B and class C transcription factors.

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