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Global suppression of protein folding defects and inclusion body formation

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Science  05 Jul 1991:
Vol. 253, Issue 5015, pp. 54-58
DOI: 10.1126/science.1648264


Amino acid substitutions at a site in the center of the bacteriophage protein P22 tailspike polypeptide chain suppress temperature-sensitive folding mutations at many sites throughout the chain. Characterization of the intracellular folding and chain assembly process reveals that the suppressors act in the folding pathway, inhibiting the aggregation of an early folding intermediate into the kinetically trapped inclusion body state. The suppressors alone increase the folding efficiency of the otherwise wild-type polypeptide chain without altering the stability or activity of the native state. These amino acid substitutions identify an unexpected aspect of the protein folding grammar--sequences within the chain that carry information inhibiting unproductive off-pathway conformations. Such mutations may serve to increase the recovery of protein products of cloned genes.

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