Genes for epilepsy mapped in the mouse

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Science  09 Aug 1991:
Vol. 253, Issue 5020, pp. 669-673
DOI: 10.1126/science.1871601


The neurological mutant mouse strain E1 is a model for complex partial seizures in humans. The inheritance of epileptic seizures with seven conventional chromosomal markers and over 60 endogenous proviral markers was studied by means of back-crosses of E1 with two seizure-resistant strains, DBA/2J and ABP/LeJ. The major gene responsible for this epileptic phenotype (El-1) was localized to a region distal with respect to the centromere on chromosome 9. At least one other gene, El-2, linked to proviral markers on chromosome 2, also influences the seizure phenotype. In addition, a potential modifier of seizures was detected in the DBA/2J background. The location of El-1 on distal chromosome 9 may allow identification of an epilepsy candidate gene in humans on the basis of conserved synteny with human chromosome 3.

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