The Rel-associated protein pp40 is functionally related to I kappa B, an inhibitor of the transcription factor NF-kappa B. Purified pp40 inhibits the DNA binding activity of the NF-kappa B protein complex (p50:p65 heterodimers), p50:c-Rel heteromers, and c-Rel homodimers. The sequence of the complementary DNA encoding pp40 revealed similarity to the gene encoding MAD-3, a protein with mammalian I kappa B-like activity. Protein sequencing of I kappa B purified from rabbit lung confirmed that MAD-3 encodes a protein similar to I kappa B. The sequence similarity between MAD-3 and pp40 includes a casein kinase II and consensus tyrosine phosphorylation site, as well as five repeats of a sequence found in the human erythrocyte protein ankyrin. These results suggest that rel-related transcription factors, which are capable of cytosolic to nuclear translocation, may be held in the cytosol by interaction with related cytoplasmic anchor molecules.

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