Cloning and expression in yeast of a plant potassium ion transport system

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Science  01 May 1992:
Vol. 256, Issue 5057, pp. 663-665
DOI: 10.1126/science.1585180


A membrane polypeptide involved in K+ transport in a higher plant was cloned by complementation of a yeast mutant defective in K+ uptake with a complementary DNA library from Arabidopsis thaliana. A 2.65-kilobase complementary DNA conferred ability to grow on media with K+ concentration in the micromolar range and to absorb K+ (or 86Rb+) at rates similar to those in wild-type yeast. The predicted amino acid sequence (838 amino acids) has three domains: a channel-forming region homologous to animal K+ channels, a cyclic nucleotide-binding site, and an ankyrin-like region.

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