Fabrication and Properties of Free-Standing C60 Membranes

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Science  26 Mar 1993:
Vol. 259, Issue 5103, pp. 1887-1890
DOI: 10.1126/science.259.5103.1887


Van der Waals forces that bind C60 molecular solids are found to be sufficiently strong to allow the reproducible fabrication of free-standing C60 membranes on (100) silicon wafers. Membranes, 2000 to 6000 angstroms thick, were fabricated by a modified silicon micro-machining process and were found to be smooth, flat, and mechanically robust. An important aspect of the silicon-compatible fabrication procedure is the demonstration that C60 films can be uniformly and nondestructively thinned in a CF4 plasma. Young's modulus and fracture strength measurements were made on membranes with areas larger than 6 millimeters by 6 millimeters. It may be possible to use C60, membranes for physical property measurements and applications.

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