Erythrocyte P antigen: cellular receptor for B19 parvovirus

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Science  01 Oct 1993:
Vol. 262, Issue 5130, pp. 114-117
DOI: 10.1126/science.8211117


The pathogenic human parvovirus B19 replicates only in erythroid progenitor cells. This virus was shown to bind to blood-group P antigen, as measured by hemagglutination. Erythrocytes lacking P antigen were not agglutinated with B19. Purified P antigen (globoside) blocked the binding of the virus to erythroid cells and the infectivity of the virus in a hematopoietic colony assay. Target cells were protected from infection by preincubation with monoclonal antibody to globoside. Knowledge of a parvovirus receptor has implications for understanding the pathogenesis of parvovirus infections and for the use of parvoviruses in gene therapy.

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