Phosphate-regulated inactivation of the kinase PHO80-PHO85 by the CDK inhibitor PHO81

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Science  07 Oct 1994:
Vol. 266, Issue 5182, pp. 122-126
DOI: 10.1126/science.7939631


A complex consisting of the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) PHO85 and the cyclin PHO80 phosphorylates and is thought to inactivate the transcription factor PHO4 when yeast cells are grown in medium containing high concentrations of phosphate. The CDK inhibitor PHO81 inhibits the kinase activity of the PHO80-PHO85 complex when Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells are grown in medium depleted of phosphate. A region of PHO81 with similarity to the mammalian CDK inhibitor p16INK4 is sufficient for inhibition in vitro. These studies demonstrate that CDK inhibitors are used to regulate kinases involved in processes other than cell cycle control and suggest that the ankyrin repeat motif may be commonly used for interaction with cyclin-CDK complexes.

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