FFA-1, a protein that promotes the formation of replication centers within nuclei

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Science  29 Sep 1995:
Vol. 269, Issue 5232, pp. 1883-1885
DOI: 10.1126/science.7569932


In the nuclei of eukaryotic cells, initiation of DNA replication occurs at a discrete number of foci. One component of these foci is the DNA replication factor RP-A. Here, the process leading to the association of RP-A with foci was reconstituted with cytosolic fractions derived from Xenopus eggs. With the use of this fractionated system, a 170-kilodalton protein required for the assembly of RP-A into foci was identified and purified. The protein appears to be an integral component of the foci at which replication of DNA is initiated in eukaryotic nuclei.