Identification of Yeast Rho1p GTPase as a Regulatory Subunit of 1,3-β-Glucan Synthase

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Science  12 Apr 1996:
Vol. 272, Issue 5259, pp. 279-281
DOI: 10.1126/science.272.5259.279


1,3-β-D-Glucan synthase [also known as β(1→3)glucan synthase] is a multi-enzyme complex that catalyzes the synthesis of 1,3-β-linked glucan, a major structural component of the yeast cell wall. Temperature-sensitive mutants in the essential Rho-type guanosine triphosphatase (GTPase), Rho1p, displayed thermolabile glucan synthase activity, which was restored by the addition of recombinant Rho1p. Glucan synthase from mutants expressing constitutively active Rho1p did not require exogenous guanosine triphosphate for activity. Rho1p copurified with β(1→3)glucan synthase and associated with the Fks1p subunit of this complex in vivo. Both proteins were localized predominantly at sites of cell wall remodeling. Therefore, it appears that Rho1p is a regulatory subunit of β(1→3)glucan synthase.

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