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Zebrafish Embryology Builds Better Model Vertebrate

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Science  24 May 1996:
Vol. 272, Issue 5265, pp. 1103
DOI: 10.1126/science.272.5265.1103


Highly touted as a model of vertebrate development, the zebrafish has actually worried a number of biologists for some time. Technical obstacles have prevented them from observing whether its tissues develop along typical vertebrate pathways; an odd growth pattern would ruin the fish's value as a model. But a recent series of embryological experiments has brought a rush of relief. Scientists have sidestepped the technical hurdles and revealed that zebrafish develop like most vertebrates do. In the future, the techniques can be combined with the many zebrafish mutations to bring genetics and embryology together, showing how genes affect the where and when of tissue development with unparalleled precision