Signal Transduction by DR3, a Death Domain-Containing Receptor Related to TNFR-1 and CD95

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Science  08 Nov 1996:
Vol. 274, Issue 5289, pp. 990-992
DOI: 10.1126/science.274.5289.990


Tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 (TNFR-1) and CD95 (also called Fas or APO-1) are cytokine receptors that engage the apoptosis pathway through a region of intracellular homology, designated the “death domain.” Another death domain-containing member of the TNFR family, death receptor 3 (DR3), was identified and was shown to induce both apoptosis and activation of nuclear factor κB. Expression of DR3 appears to be restricted to tissues enriched in lymphocytes. DR3 signal transduction is mediated by a complex of intracellular signaling molecules including TRADD, TRAF2, FADD, and FLICE. Thus, DR3 likely plays a role in regulating lymphocyte homeostasis.

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