Melanoma Cell Expression of Fas(Apo-1/CD95) Ligand: Implications for Tumor Immune Escape

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Science  22 Nov 1996:
Vol. 274, Issue 5291, pp. 1363-1366
DOI: 10.1126/science.274.5291.1363


Malignant melanoma accounts for most of the increasing mortality from skin cancer. Melanoma cells were found to express Fas (also called Apo-1 or CD95) ligand (FasL). In metastatic lesions, Fas-expressing T cell infiltrates were proximal to FasL+ tumor cells. In vitro, apoptosis of Fas-sensitive target cells occurred upon incubation with melanoma tumor cells; and in vivo, injection of FasL+ mouse melanoma cells in mice led to rapid tumor formation. In contrast, tumorigenesis was delayed in Fas-deficient lpr mutant mice in which immune effector cells cannot be killed by FasL. Thus, FasL may contribute to the immune privilege of tumors.

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