An Arabidopsis MADS Box Gene That Controls Nutrient-Induced Changes in Root Architecture

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Science  16 Jan 1998:
Vol. 279, Issue 5349, pp. 407-409
DOI: 10.1126/science.279.5349.407

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The development of plant root systems is sensitive to the availability and distribution of nutrients within the soil. For example, lateral roots proliferate preferentially within nitrate (NO3 )-rich soil patches. A NO3 -inducible Arabidopsis gene (ANR1), was identified that encodes a member of the MADS box family of transcription factors. Transgenic plants in whichANR1 was repressed had an altered sensitivity to NO3 and no longer responded to NO3 -rich zones by lateral root proliferation, indicating that ANR1 is a key determinant of developmental plasticity in Arabidopsis roots.

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