06 February 1998
Vol 279, Issue 5352

About The Cover

In 1848 at the Great Hall of the Philadelphia Academy of Science (bottom left), AAAS launched its tradition of migratory meetings to advance the course of science. The Association returns to Philadelphia this month to launch the commemoration of its 150 years as a far-reaching, democratic federation for science. And starting with this issue, Science begins a series entitled "Essays on Science and Society." An essay by paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and author Stephen Jay Gould kicks off the series (812). [Collage: Patricia Riehn]

KEY (1) Mars; NASA World Wide Web site. (2) Science cover from 18 August 1899. (3) HIV virus; Photodisc. (4) Great Hall at the Philadelphia Academy of Science; University of Pennsylvania. (5) AAAS membership booth in the 1950s. (6) William C. Redfield, first AAAS president. (7) Albert Einstein lecturing at the 1934 AAAS annual meeting; AP Wide World. (8) Arches of the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA; Pacific Science Center. (9) "Objects and Rules" of AAAS, 20 September 1848. (10) Supernova 1987A; NASA World Wide Web site. (11) Early AAAS logo. (12) Science cover from 30 October 1959. (13) Astronaut; Photodisc. (14) The AAAS headquarters (dedicated 1997); Paul Stevens Oles Architectural Perspectivist, Boston, MA. (15) Dudley Observatory dedication during 1856 AAAS annual meeting; Albany Institute of History and Art.