The Ubiquitin-Related Protein RUB1 and Auxin Response in Arabidopsis

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Science  12 Jun 1998:
Vol. 280, Issue 5370, pp. 1760-1763
DOI: 10.1126/science.280.5370.1760

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The AXR1 (auxin-resistant) protein, which has features of the ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1, is required for normal response to the plant hormone auxin in Arabidopsis thaliana. ECR1 functions together with AXR1 to activate members of the RUB/NEDD8 family of ubiquitin-related proteins. Extracts from mutant seedlings lacking AXR1 did not promote formation of the RUB-ECR1 thiolester, indicating that AXR1 is the major activity in this tissue. AXR1 was localized primarily to the nucleus of dividing and elongating cells, suggesting that the targets of RUB modification are nuclear. These results indicate that auxin response depends on RUB modification of one or more nuclear proteins.

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