A Functional Model for O-O Bond Formation by the O2-Evolving Complex in Photosystem II

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Science  05 Mar 1999:
Vol. 283, Issue 5407, pp. 1524-1527
DOI: 10.1126/science.283.5407.1524

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The formation of molecular oxygen from water in photosynthesis is catalyzed by photosystem II at an active site containing four manganese ions that are arranged in di-μ-oxo dimanganese units (where μ is a bridging mode). The complex [H2O(terpy)Mn(O)2Mn(terpy)OH2](NO3)3(terpy is 2,2′:6′,2"-terpyridine), which was synthesized and structurally characterized, contains a di-μ-oxo manganese dimer and catalyzes the conversion of sodium hypochlorite to molecular oxygen. Oxygen-18 isotope labeling showed that water is the source of the oxygen atoms in the molecular oxygen evolved, and so this system is a functional model for photosynthetic water oxidation.

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