The RAR1 Interactor SGT1, an Essential Component of R Gene-Triggered Disease Resistance

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Science  15 Mar 2002:
Vol. 295, Issue 5562, pp. 2073-2076
DOI: 10.1126/science.1067554

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Plant disease resistance (R) genes trigger innate immune responses upon pathogen attack. RAR1 is an early convergence point in a signaling pathway engaged by multiple R genes. Here, we show that RAR1 interacts with plant orthologs of the yeast protein SGT1, an essential regulator in the cell cycle. Silencing the barley geneSgt1 reveals its role in R gene–triggered,Rar1-dependent disease resistance. SGT1 associates with SKP1 and CUL1, subunits of the SCF (Skp1-Cullin–F-box) ubiquitin ligase complex. Furthermore, the RAR1-SGT1 complex also interacts with two COP9 signalosome components. The interactions among RAR1, SGT1, SCF, and signalosome subunits indicate a link between disease resistance and ubiquitination.

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