RESOURCES: Fierce Flies

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Science  28 Jun 2002:
Vol. 296, Issue 5577, pp. 2303
DOI: 10.1126/science.296.5577.2303a

Like tiny hawks, robber flies swoop down on unwary insects or spiders, carting off their meal and sucking it dry. Compiled by Fritz Geller-Grimm, a curator at the Museum Wiesbaden in Germany, and Cornell grad student Torsten Dikow, the Asilidae home page swarms with information on the biology of the world's nearly 7000 species of robber flies. Illustrated with labeled drawings and electron micrographs, the site's guide to anatomical terminology can help you remember the difference between the prescutum and the pronotum, two parts of the thorax. To pin down the identity of a mystery bug, match it against one of 20 keys. A primer explains how to digitally photograph prize specimens, and ample background sections cover distribution, mating habits, feeding, phylogeny, and development.

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