Spontaneous Organization of Single CdTe Nanoparticles into Luminescent Nanowires

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Science  12 Jul 2002:
Vol. 297, Issue 5579, pp. 237-240
DOI: 10.1126/science.1072086

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Nanoparticles of CdTe were found to spontaneously reorganize into crystalline nanowires upon controlled removal of the protective shell of organic stabilizer. The intermediate step in the nanowire formation was found to be pearl-necklace aggregates. Strong dipole-dipole interaction is believed to be the driving force of nanoparticle self-organization. The linear aggregates subsequently recrystallized into nanowires whose diameter was determined by the diameter of the nanoparticles. The produced nanowires have high aspect ratio, uniformity, and optical activity. These findings demonstrate the collective behavior of nanoparticles as well as a convenient, simple technique for production of one-dimensional semiconductor colloids suitable for subsequent processing into quantum-confined superstructures, materials, and devices.

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