LINKS: Get Psyched

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Science  30 Aug 2002:
Vol. 297, Issue 5586, pp. 1451
DOI: 10.1126/science.297.5586.1451b

These two portals offer a wealth of resources for teachers and students hoping to get a grip on psychology. Along with a guide to careers in the field, Psych Web links to a long list of psych departments and more than 1000 journals. Curator Russell Dewey of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro has also corralled a herd of explanatory pages on topics from the evolution of behavior to sports psychology.

A similar site is the Encyclopedia of Psychology, hosted by Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Whether you're after a biography of Freud or the latest research on the development of mother-infant attachment, you'll find it among the site's more than 2000 annotated links.

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