RESOURCE: Reef Roundup

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Science  10 Jan 2003:
Vol. 299, Issue 5604, pp. 179
DOI: 10.1126/science.299.5604.179c

Reefs teem with eye-catching inhabitants, such as this bristly worm moseying across a piece of coral off the Florida coast. ReefBase, a data storehouse snsored by the World Fish Center in Penang, Malaysia, teems with information on reef biodiversity and conservation.

The growing site includes data on coral in more than 90 countries. You can read a brief description of each country's reefs and find out their conditions. The site examines human-caused and natural environmental changes that jeopardize coral, such as bleaching, overfishing, cyclones, and pollution. Learn what steps countries are taking to preserve their reefs, such as limiting fishing or designating protected areas, and how well they're working. You can browse through a huge image gallery or peruse a bibliography featuring 13,000 articles, some available as full text. Use the site's new mapping feature to chart the extent and severity of coral bleaching or to pinpoint reefs blighted by disease.

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