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Science  28 Mar 2003:
Vol. 299, Issue 5615, pp. 1957
DOI: 10.1126/science.299.5615.1957a

Find out the most influential papers and authors in some of today's hot and fast-growing disciplines at this site from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) in Philadelphia. ISI is best known for subscription- based databases that track citations in a range of fields. Every month, however, the free Essential Science Indicators Special Topics site analyzes publications on a particular hot topic—from photonics to obesity—ranking papers, authors, institutions, countries, and journals based on the number of citations over the previous 10-year period. For instance, the top study on West Nile virus is a 1999 Science paper that identified the origin of the bug. Along with these long-term trends, the site identifies new papers that are tallying lots of citations and pegs “emerging research fronts,” topics within a field that are booming. ISI also interviews authors about their oft-cited study, current work, and career. Although some of these interviews are terse and technical, others shine—such as the discussion with entomologist Bruce Tabashnik of the University of Arizona, Tucson, about pest resistance to natural insecticides.

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