COMMUNITY SITE: Gene Chip Central

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Science  04 Apr 2003:
Vol. 300, Issue 5616, pp. 27
DOI: 10.1126/science.300.5616.27c

Microarrays—chips dotted with DNA or proteins—have become indispensable in molecular biology for tracking what goes on inside cells. A helpful site for microarray users is BioChipNet, maintained by researchers at the University of Tübingen, Germany. Looking for studies that deployed gene chips? Check the literature section, which trawls PubMed for the abstracts. Another section profiles companies that sell gene chips, machines for making them, and other lab staples. The glossary helps you bone up on the field's lingo. BioChipNet also posts announcements for meetings and new products, along with links to review articles, some available as full text.

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