Update: Stranded Chinese Physicist Gets Visa

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Science  23 May 2003:
Vol. 300, Issue 5623, pp. 1217
DOI: 10.1126/science.300.5623.1217c

After an 8-month wait for a visa, a Chinese physicist is finally returning to her research at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Last fall, fifth-year doctoral student Xiaomei Jiang returned to China after her parents died, for what she expected to be a brief visit (Science, 20 December 2002, p. 2305). But post-9/11 security reviews stalled her return visa and those for thousands of other foreign students and researchers. The National Academies protested the delays, saying that they were having “serious, unintended consequences for American science.”

Bush Administration officials have been working to clear the backlog, and Jiang reported this week that she had received her visa. She hoped to fly back to Salt Lake City within days and restart a life that had been put on an unexpected hold.

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