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The Genome Sequence of the SARS-Associated Coronavirus

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Science  30 May 2003:
Vol. 300, Issue 5624, pp. 1399-1404
DOI: 10.1126/science.1085953
  • Fig. 1.

    Phylogenetic analysis of SARS proteins. Unrooted phylogenetic trees were generated by clustalw 1.74 (33) using the BLOSUM comparison matrix and a bootstrap analysis of 1000 iterations. Numbers indicate bootstrap replicates supporting each node. Phylogenetic trees were drawn with the Phylip Drawtree program 3.6a3 (34). Branch lengths indicate the number of substitutions per residue. GenBank accession numbers for protein sequences are as follows: (A) Replicase 1A: BCoV (bovine coronavirus), AAL40396; HCoV-229E (human coronavirus), NP_073555; MHV (mouse hepatitis virus), NP_045298; IBV (avian infectious bronchitis virus), CAC39113; TGEV (porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus), NP_058423. (B) Membrane glycoprotein: PHEV (porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus), AAL80035; BCoV, NP_150082; IBV 1, AAF35863; IBV 2, AAK83027; MHV, AAF36439; TGEV, NP_058427; HCoV-OC43, AAA45462; FCoV (feline coronavirus), BAC01160. (C) Nucleocapsid: MHV, P18446; BCoV, NP_150083; IBV 1, AAK27162; IBV 2, NP_040838; FCoV, CAA74230; PTGV (porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus), AAM97563; HCoV-229E, NP_073556; HCoV-OC43, P33469; PHEV, AAL80036; TCV (turkey coronavirus), AAF23873. (D) S (Spike) protein: BCoV, AAL40400; MHV, P11225; HCoV-OC43, S44241; HCoV-229E, AAK32191; PHEV, AAL80031; PRCoV (porcine respiratory coronavirus), AAA46905; PEDV (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus), CAA80971; CCoV (canine coronavirus), S41453; FIPV (feline infectious peritonitis virus), BAA06805; IBV, AAO34396.

  • Fig. 2.

    Map of the predicted ORFs and s2m motif in the Tor2 SARS virus genome sequence.

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    The Genome Sequence of the SARS-Associated Coronavirus
    Marco A. Marra, Steven J. M. Jones, Caroline R. Astell, Robert A. Holt, Angela Brooks-Wilson, Yaron S. N. Butterfield, Jaswinder Khattra, Jennifer K. Asano, Sarah A. Barber, Susanna Y. Chan, Alison Cloutier, Shaun M. Coughlin, Doug Freeman, Noreen Girn, Obi L. Griffith, Stephen R. Leach, Michael Mayo, Helen McDonald, Stephen B. Montgomery, Pawan K. Pandoh, Anca S. Petrescu, A. Gordon Robertson, Jacqueline E. Schein, Asim Siddiqui, Duane E. Smailus, Jeff M. Stott, George S. Yang, Francis Plummer, Anton Andonov, Harvey Artsob, Nathalie Bastien, Kathy Bernard, Timothy F. Booth, Donnie Bowness, Michael Drebot, Lisa Fernando, Ramon Flick, Michael Garbutt, Michael Gray, Allen Grolla, Steven Jones, Heinz Feldmann, Adrienne Meyers, Amin Kabani, Yan Li, Susan Normand, Ute Stroher, Graham A. Tipples, Shaun Tyler, Robert Vogrig, Diane Ward, Brynn Watson, Robert C. Brunham, Mel Krajden, Martin Petric, Danuta M. Skowronski, Chris Upton, Rachel L. Roper

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