RESOURCES: Reap the Wind

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Science  04 Jul 2003:
Vol. 301, Issue 5629, pp. 23
DOI: 10.1126/science.301.5629.23d

Don Quixote would quickly run out of lances in Denmark, a country that produces about 15% of its power with windmills. This site sponsored by the Danish Wind Industry Association promises to teach visitors everything they want to know about wind power “short of becoming wind engineers.” Breeze through the site's FAQ or dive into in-depth discussions of engineering, turbine location, economics, and environmental benefits and costs. For example, turbines with one or two blades are cheaper and lighter than the three-bladed models, but they are noisier and must spin faster to produce the same amount of energy. Although wind power is pollution-free compared with fossil fuels, it does take a toll on the environment. The whirling blades kill birds, the site notes, but far fewer than fall victim to cars and powerlines.

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