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Science  14 Apr 2006:
Vol. 312, Issue 5771, pp. 195
DOI: 10.1126/science.312.5771.195b

We wish to retract the report “single-molecule studies of heterogeneous dynamics in polymer melts near the glass transition” (1). The majority of the conclusions of this Report were based on the correlation functions of the transient single-molecule data. The Vanden Bout research group has recently reanalyzed these data and found that the correlation functions utilized for the Report do not correspond to the true correlation functions of the transient data. Moreover, the Vanden Bout research group has been unable to reproduce the transient data in either of the polymer systems investigated in the Report. Given that the analysis is flawed and that even the qualitative features of the data cannot be reproduced, we are compelled to retract this Report in its entirety. This retraction is occurring simultaneously with the retraction of all related articles (2, 3). We sincerely regret any inconvenience that the publication of these results has caused for others.


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