Corrections and Clarifications

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Science  06 Jul 2007:
Vol. 317, Issue 5834, pp. 43
DOI: 10.1126/science.317.5834.43

Perspectives: “Reassessing carbon sinks” by D. F. Baker (22 June, p. 1708). The summary sentence is incorrect. It should read, “Less carbon dioxide is taken up by the Southern Ocean, and more by tropical land areas, than previously thought.”

Perspectives: “Recent progress and continuing puzzles in electrostatics” by L. B. Schein (15 June, p. 1572). The summary sentence is incorrect. It should read, “Insight into the adhesion of charged insulating particles is affecting laser printing technology and may have other industrial applications.” In the figure caption, “200-μm” should read “300-μm.”

Policy Forum: “Danger of deep-sea mining” by J. Halfar and R. M. Fujita (18 May, p. 987). The deep-sea mining activities were erroneously described as strip-mining operations. The correct term should be pit-mining operations, implying an absence of overburden, as stated later in the article.

Perspectives: “A promising mimic of hydrogenase activity” by T. B. Rauchfuss (27 April, p. 553). The Perspective states that the compound discovered by S. Ogo et al. [Science316, 585 (2007)] catalyzes the hydrogenation of benzaldehyde to the corresponding alcohol. This statement referred to a preliminary result that was not presented in the published paper.

Reports: “The phosphothreonine lyase activity of a bacterial type III effector family” by H. Li et al. (16 Feb., p. 1000). A production error caused some of the data labels in Fig. 3C to be obscured. A corrected version appears below on the left.

Research Articles: “Phytoplankton and cloudiness in the Southern Ocean” by N. Meskhidze and A. Nenes (1 Dec. 2006, p. 1419). In Table 2, the CAW, SOFeX, CBW, FB, isoprene, and SOA values were incorrect. The corrected table is shown above. For detailed table legend, see original paper.

Table 2. Ocean chlorophyll a, fluxes, and atmospheric concentrations of isoprene

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