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Science  02 May 2008:
Vol. 320, Issue 5876, pp. 682
DOI: 10.1126/science.320.5876.682

Sample Work-Up Station

The Carousel Work-Up Station facilitates parallel or sequential work-up of up to 12 samples, using filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction, or solid-phase extraction techniques. It is designed for use with the 12-position Carousel Reaction Station or similar parallel synthesizer. The station accepts up to 12 70-ml columns loaded into one of two identical stackable racks. It enables collection of product into the lower rack with Carousel Reaction Tubes or standard 1-inch boiling tubes. The unique design requires no taps, valves, or drip needles, making assembly and operation fast and simple. The system can be used under gravity or with the innovative SpeedFlow Booster, allowing precise individual control of solvent flow within each column.


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Services to Profile microRNAs

A collection of new services to profile microRNAs (miRNAs) includes a new high-sensitivity assay for Asuragen's DiscovArray miRNA Expression Profiling Service, and expansion of Asuragen's miRInform miRNA data packaging system to support the Agilent miRNA array data, the new ABI Taqman(a) Human v 1.0 miRNA Array, and a new miRNA-compatible sample prep service for PAXgene blood samples. The DiscovArray Service makes use of an Affymetrix-based chip that contains more than 13,000 candidate and Sanger miRNAs and requires only 50–200 ng total RNA input. It can profile even from challenging samples such as formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissues. miRInform is for the normalization and delivery of miRNA data in DVD format with interactive figures that link directly to Sanger mirBase, tables, and publication-ready images. miRInform is a cost-effective tool for mining data from the Agilent Human miRNA Microarray without requiring third-party tools or extensive statistical training, and comes with a personal data review with a trained analyst.


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Oligonucleotide Database

The Oligome is a comprehensive database of more than 10 million oligonucleotide probes designed to the latest release of the human genome. The Oligome makes it possible to provide custom-designed oligonucleotide arrays for array-based comparative genomic hybridization on request in a short time. Oxford Gene Technology's 60mer oligonucleotide microarrays are fabricated using inkjet technology with base-by-base synthesis that allows high-precision feature placement and denser coverage of regions of interest. The company offers custom-designed comparative genomic hybridization arrays for analyzing chromosomal abnormalities within focused areas of the human genome at high resolution. As part of the free design service, scientists can simply provide their regions of interest, and the company then performs the Oligome-based bioinformatics required to design, fabricate, and deliver the desired focused arrays.

Oxford Gene Technology

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Large Scale Imaging Confocal Microscope

The Leica TCS LSI (large scale imaging), the first macro-zoom confocal microscope, offers a unique combination of high-resolution imaging plus a large field “macro” view for in vivo imaging of model organisms. The Leica TCS LSI provides researchers with the tool they need to visualize and precisely image the development of life and the complex cellular interactions within whole, living animals. As organisms grow, these studies require an imaging system that provides high resolution, a large workspace, and a wide field of view to reveal the dynamics of cell growth, cell differentiation processes, and the development of organs in vivo. The system's 16:1 optical zoom offers both the advantage of high magnification and high resolution for true spectral confocal imaging and the ability to seamlessly move to a macro view of the entire specimen without changing any hardware. Such a system is suitable for revealing the finest details in Drosophila, Arabidopsis, mouse, or zebrafish. The optical zoom system is fully apochromatic, the highest correction available for image quality and color rendition. The instrument makes it easier for scientists to identify new pathways from gene to cell or from cell to animal, analyze protein interactions, test the influence of drugs in vivo, and examine the influence of genomic defects of the whole animal.


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Human Natural Killer Cells

The Poietics Human Natural Killer Cells provide research laboratories with cryopreserved, ready-to-use primary cells for immunology research in areas such as immune cell activation and regulation, cancer, autoimmune disease/human immunodeficiency virus, viral infection, vaccine development, immunotherapy, and transplantation. The cells are isolated from normal human peripheral blood using positive or negative immunomagnetic selection for the CD56 antigen. These cells are tested to be at least 90% pure for CD56+ via flow cytometry, and at least 95% viable after being thawed. This highly homogeneous population of natural killer cells yields cleaner, more consistent results. Matched sets of other immune cells from the same donor are available as well.

Lonza Group

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