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Science  12 Sep 2008:
Vol. 321, Issue 5895, pp. 1511
DOI: 10.1126/science.321.5895.1511a

Protein Immunoblot Imaging and Analysis

The FluorChem Q Imaging System provides the sensitivity of chemiluminescence and the quantitative power of fluorescence in one easy-to-use instrument. Designed with fast-lens technology, a peltier-cooled camera captures high-resolution images with a linear dynamic range that outperforms film, and with speeds 10 times faster than a laser scanner. Equipped with three integrated excitation sources for multicolor blots, the FluorChem Q is compatible with Cy dyes, Alexa dyes, Q dots, and chemiluminescent protein immunoblotting kits. This versatile system can also image fluorescent DNA and protein gels. The system comes with intuitive software that automatically stores all experimental imaging protocols as well as channel and filter settings.

Alpha Innotech

For information 510-483-962

Fluorescence Stereomicroscopes

The Leica M205 FA and M165 FC stereomicroscopes are for demanding fluorescence applications in developmental, molecular, and cellular biology. The microscopes unite top performance zoom optics, resolution, and contrast to produce fluorescence images with outstanding richness of detail. The instruments feature patent-pending FusionOptics technology, which takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon: The left beam path produces great depth of field, while the right beam path provides a high-resolution image. The human brain then combines the best information from both channels, using it to compose an image whose resolution and depth of field have never been achieved in a stereomicroscope before. With its fully apochromatic optics, large zoom range, and resolution performance, the Leica M205 FA can show the viewer details that used to be invisible. The instruments also feature the TripleBeam principle: A patented third beam path reserved exclusively for fluorescence illumination delivers evenly illuminated, reflex-free fields of view at all zoom settings.


For information +49-(0)-6441-29-2550

3D Cell Proliferation Assay

Although more scientists are growing cells in a three-dimensional (3D) culture that mimics in vivo conditions and allows the cells to organize into complex structures, they have lacked a practical way to evaluate cell proliferation in these cultures. Four new 3D cell proliferation kits include a core kit and three others that contain basement membrane extract, laminin I, and collagen I. Designed for assessing the effects of compounds or genetic alteration on cell proliferation in 3D culture, the high throughput 96 stripwell formats allow one-step quantitative analysis and colorimetric detection. Protocols are provided for tumorgenicity and cytotoxicity.


For information 800-873-8443

Palm-Size Thermocycler

The Palm PCR is a palm-size portable thermocycler with a wide dynamic range capable of delivering polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified product in as little as 15 minutes. Palm PCR is a battery-powered, stand-alone device that delivers efficient and fast amplification for nearly all kinds of DNA samples, including the human genome. Even a single copy of DNA can be amplified in as little as 25 minutes to an amount sufficient for typical agarose-gel detection. It can achieve uniformity of better than ± 0.1°C and can run for more than four hours on a single charge of a lithium-ion battery.

Ahram Biosystems

For information 650-224-8575

Human Stem Cell Kits

New Human Stem Cell Nucleofactor Kits enable researchers to efficiently transfect various types of stem cells such as mesenchymal, hematopoietic, or neural stem cells without compromising their potential for differentiation. With these kits, for single reactions and up to 96-well transfections, transfection efficiencies of 60 percent to 80 percent with high viability can be achieved for stem cells. The kits' optimized transfection conditions allow the use of DNA, small interfering-RNA, or peptides.


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Immunodetection System

The Tropix Western-SuperStar Immunodetection System can detect proteins on protein immunoblots for up to 4.5 days after the substrate is added, compared with competitors' kits in which the signal is gone after 4 hours. The kits make use of light-emission kinetics that rivals horseradish peroxidase-based detection chemistry.

Applied Biosystems

For information 800-327-3002

Pipetting Filters

Biohit Safe-Cone filters for the Biohit line of precision pipettors offer safe pipetting and prevent contamination of the pipettor and sample. The filters can prolong the life of the pipettor by protecting the internal mechanisms. Pipettor parts are also protected from vapors and liquids that could contaminate or damage internal components. The filters are available in standard form for general work and as Safe-Cone Plus format for radioactive, cell culture, and molecular biology applications.


For information 800-922-0784

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