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Science  23 Jan 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5913, pp. 534
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5913.534a

X-Ray Area Detectors

The High Efficiency (HE) series X-ray area detectors feature back-illuminated charge-coupled devices (CCD) permanently bonded to the fiber optic tapers. They produce high-resolution, low-noise images over a wide range of X-ray energies, but with higher electrooptical gain due to the backlit CCD technology. A baseline stabilization option is standard. X-rays are converted to light by a scintillator layer at the front of the fiber optic taper array, which travels through the fiber optic tapers to the back-thinned CCD devices.


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SAM Methyltransferase Assay

The SAM510:SAM Methyltransferase Assay is a colorimetric, continuous enzyme-coupled assay for the kinetic analysis of protein S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) methyltransferase enzymes with no radioactive labels. The assay involves the removal of the methyl group from SAM-generating S-adenosylhomocysteine, which is rapidly converted to S-ribosylhomocysteine and adenine by the included adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase. Finally, the adenine is converted to hypoxanthine by adenine deaminase, which in turn is converted to urate and hydrogen peroxide. The rate of production is measured with a colorimetric assay by an increase in absorbance at 510nm.


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Syringe Filters

The 33-mm Millex syringe filters with Millipore Express Plus membranes are now available in 0.22-μm and 0.45-μm pore sizes. They deliver fast filtration rates with low protein-binding properties. With 20 percent more surface area than standard 25-mm devices, the new filters offer a high process volume (200 ml) and burst strength (150 psig), allowing for high operating pressure. Without the risk of filters bursting or clogging, researchers need not use multiple filters per sample or worry about incomplete filtration. Because 33-mm filters have a low hold-up volume, there is minimal sample loss during filtration. The low-protein-binding membrane allows maximum recovery of soluble proteins, such as serum components typically added to cell culture media, for reproducible cell growth and better downstream results.


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Absorbent Protective Paper

BenchGuard is a highly absorbent paper for protecting benches and surfaces against liquid spills. It has a strong polyethylene coating on one side and when placed paper side up it quickly absorbs hazardous spills, protecting the benchtop and reducing contamination risks. BenchGuard is available in two absorbencies: 400 ml per cubic meter and 800 ml per cubic meter. It is offered in packs of 50 or 100 sheets and in roll form. It is applicable for use in various laboratories, including life sciences, microbiology, radiochemistry, and animal research.


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Liquid Handling Robot

The Cavro Omni Robot is a general-purpose, original-equipment-manufacturing liquid-handling robot for a wide range of applications in clinical diagnostics, life sciences, and analytical chemistry. Easy to install and operate, the Omni Robot features a modular design that allows it to be configured for many different uses. Its closed-loop positioning system provides the assurance of knowing exactly where the pipetting probe is located at all times, while its high payload opens up a broad range of capabilities. All working parts are hidden to provide a finished appearance. Using the Cavro Integration Kit, any Tecan Cavro pump or robot can be set up for evaluation in a matter of minutes.


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Imaging Microscope

The Nicolet iN10 MX infrared imaging microscope enables analysts to quickly determine the identity and distribution of chemical species within complex structures and random mixtures on a microscopic scale. It performs rapid and accurate analysis of materials ranging from forensic evidence to high-tech polymer composites. The instrument's software guides the operator through the entire analytical process, from sample loading to final reporting, in a few mouse clicks. It combines machine vision and spectral identification technology to greatly facilitate data acquisition and sample analysis. Its optical efficiency allows chemical images to be generated from highly scattering samples. The system can be equipped with up to three detectors. A room-temperature detector allows point-and-shoot analysis to be performed without liquid nitrogen. This detector can be combined with an efficient slide-on attenuated-total-reflectance sampling device to make the Nicolet iN10 MX as quick and easy to use as a basic infrared spectrometer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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