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Science  20 Mar 2009:
Vol. 323, Issue 5921, pp. 1620
DOI: 10.1126/science.323.5921.1620a

Expression Kits

QIAgenes Expression Kits provide a comprehensive set of ready-cloned plasmids with synthetic genes covering the entire human genome. The kits are designed to be an alternative to protein production using E. coli cells. The kits make use of synthetic cDNA with a human genome sequence optimized for expression in E. coli, insect, or mammalian cells. This optimized sequence increases protein yields as much as 50-fold and produces expression success rates as high as 90 percent. The kits include ready-to-go vectors, but are flexible enough to express only parts of a gene.


For information 240-686-7686

ELISA Development Kits

Immunoset enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits, for assaying proteins in various matrices, contain the basic components and protocol for the development of five 96-well colorimetric enzyme immunoassays. The manufacturer plans to develop additional kits for the detection of mouse and rat heme oxygenase-1 and p53/MDM2 complexes.

Assay Designs

For information 800-833-8651

Circulating Baths

Model 9112 and Model 9012 Refrigerating/Heating Circulating Baths deliver ±0.01°C temperature stability, a temperature range of −20 to 200°C, six-liter reservoir, and remote temperature control capability. They are suitable for use with Abbe refractometers. The heart of the systems is the programmable controller, which features an LCD display, multilanguage help menus, and sophisticated time and temperature programming. The controller can store up to 10, 50-step programs and offers extensive data logging capability, including communications support for Microsoft Excel, National Instruments LabView, and the Palm OS. Other standard features include user-settable high and low temperature alarms, a variable-speed pump capable of closed and open loop external circulation, and a built-in RS-232 interface. Model 9112 requires less than a square foot of bench space, and the low-profile Model 9012 fits on a shelf.


For information 800-229-7569

Reversible Protein Stain

The BLOT-FastStain is for reversible protein staining on nitrocellulose and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) transfer membranes. It stains only protein and leaves the background untouched and brilliant white, resulting in high band visibility. The staining procedure takes 10 minutes and has a sensitivity of 2 ng bovine serum albumin, which is higher than silver stains. The membrane can be destained simply by rinsing it in warm water for 10 minutes. Staining and destaining do not affect the biological properties of the proteins. After destaining, protein bands can be probed with protein immunoblot protocols and other analyses, including sequencing work.


For information 314-991-6034

Microscopy Catalog

The 2008–2010 Electron Microscopy Sciences catalog is available on CD-ROM. This interactive catalog contains a complete collection of products for light microscopy, histology, and electron microscopy and general biological and materials research. It contains more than 12,000 products, including 2,000 new items. In addition to the product descriptions, the CD-ROM contains a library of technical documents, including datasheets that provide procedures and protocols for sample preparation, newsletters, instrument manuals, and technical tips. The catalog runs on any web browser, has bookmarks for movement between catalog sections, and includes full search capability.

Electron Microscopy Sciences

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Benchtop Freeze-Dryers

The Virtis Advantage Plus line of benchtop freeze-dryers, with up to three fluid-cooled shelves, maintain precise temperature control previously available only in pilot and production scale units. The Advantage Plus can be configured to freeze-dry bulk product or for applications in stoppered vials. Side-mounted manifold valves provide the additional flexibility to freeze-dry products in flasks. Three refrigeration choices are available for the large six-liter capacity condenser, depending on the type of product and solvents being lyophilized. The process control software provides the ability to develop a complete freeze-drying recipe together with the flexibility to program and control individual pressure and temperature settings at each step of the process.

SP Industries

For information 845-255-5000

Direct Drive Robot

The Direct Drive Robot (DDR) makes use of configurable Z-travel technology to enable greater stacking of instruments and more functionality in a smaller footprint. The DDR offers high operational precision, reliability, and safety. It features a one-person, one-touch teaching mode for fast and easy configuration. In this mode, a teaching jig can be used to move the robot to any location. Once the desired position is reached, the user pushes a button, and a light blinks indicating the instrument has learned the position. There is no need to use a pendant to jog the arm into position, so less time is needed for repositioning and refining.

Velocity 11

For information 408-345-8044

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