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Science  13 Nov 2009:
Vol. 326, Issue 5955, pp. 1008
DOI: 10.1126/science.326.5955.1008-a

Microwave Synthesizer

The Initiator 2.5 microwave synthesizer is designed to offer fast and scalable reactions and has been tailored for synthetic chemistry. The new system offers improved heating performance, guided run setup, and improved data management. It features 400 watts of power to deliver precise heating control. It allows chemists to share methods and results easily through either a USB port or a network. A built-in computer with intuitive software automatically converts conventional parameters to microwave conditions. The system is capable of heating a sample for up to 96 hours. It offers total automation with an eight-position and 60-position robot for rapid optimization of reaction conditions and analog synthesis.

Cell Density Meter

The CO 8000 is a simple, reliable instrument that measures the density of cells grown in suspension by measuring optical density at 600 nm, which makes the instrument suitable for yeast and bacterial cultures. Completely portable, the CO 8000 is hand-held and has a rechargeable battery. It can be used in incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions, and even in fume hoods or safety cabinets. It can be cleaned easily and accepts a variety of cuvettes and tubes. The built-in memory stores up to 99 sample results for later download to a computer. The LED source and fiber optics give stable results and require no maintenance or warm-up.

Vision Spectrophotometer

The Vision Spectrophotometer includes 16 predefined methodologies for nucleic acid quantitation, protein assays, cell density measurements, and dye-labeled polymerase chain reaction probe detection. It can also accommodate 90 custom protocols. It combines these life science methods with rapid scanning, kinetics capabilities, and concentration capabilities. The Vision Spectrophotometer has novel Gifford optics for high energy combined with a xenon source for long life. It includes an integral cuvette tray for storage of expensive cells and sample support. An optional integrated printer and wireless Bluetooth connectivity are available.

Benchtop LC/MS System

The Exactive system is a benchtop liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) system designed for high throughput and high-performance screening and compound identification applications. The system leverages the manufacturer's Orbitrap mass-analyzer technology to provide precise and reliable information. It is fast, easy to use, cost effective, and suitable for new users in routine analytical laboratories. The Exactive LC/MS streamlines many of the technical steps that normally require specialized setup and operation. An intuitive software interface makes the system easy to use in both expert and "walk-up" mode, while ensuring precise mass identification of target compounds over a wide concentration range.

Microscope Stage Incubator

The Okalab electric carbon dioxide microscope stage incubator is a low-cost, one-button solution for long-term studies. It fits all XY microscope stages and is suitable for high magnification microscopy and multipoint experiments. It features both chamber and temperature feedback mechanisms. This incubator can be customized using a wide range of interchangeable microscope stage inserts, an optional humidifying and preheating module, and optional Read Temperature Software.

Multidimensional Gas Chromatography

The Multi-Dimensional Gas Chromatography system expands the capabilities of chemists who perform target compound analyses in complex sample matrices, including natural product extracts, food and flavor components, and biological extracts. The multidimensional system increases separation power by combining two capillary columns of different selectivity for a more efficient separation of the target analytes from a complex sample matrix. The improved separation of the analytes from the matrix interferences allows more positive identification and improved quantitative analysis of the target analytes. The key hardware component of the system is a capillary-optimized pressure-switching device ("multi-Deans switch") that directs flow from the first column directly to a monitor detector or to the second column and detector. This device has no moving parts, but is based on the use of an advanced electronic flow controller to balance the pressure on both sides of the transfer line between columns.

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