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Science  30 Jul 2010:
Vol. 329, Issue 5991, pp. 576
DOI: 10.1126/science.329.5991.576-a

Mobility Instrument

The Mobius mobility instrument incorporates several patent-pending innovations to realize fast and reliable measurement of macromolecular electrophoretic mobilities. In addition to measuring mobilities of large particles such as liposomes and virus-like particles, this laser-based instrument achieves reproducible measurements of traditionally challenging protein samples, including antibody formulations, bovine serum albumin, and lysozyme. It is designed to measure protein mobilities rather than particulates. In colloidal suspensions, the amount of charge and screening developed at the interfaces between particles and media are important in determining the formulation stability. For many biomolecules such as proteins, electrostatic interactions also exercise a profound influence on the conformations and functions. Because direct measurement of the interfacial potential is rarely feasible, the electrophoretic mobility has become the most widely accepted proxy for molecular charge.

Oligonucleotide Analysis

The Clarity Oligo-MS columns are for rapid and efficient liquid

Density and Refractive Index Meters

The LiquiPhysics Excellence density meters and refractometers are simple to operate, sophisticated, and secure, making them suitable tools for compliance with the many regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry. The One Click user interface allows quick, simple, and direct access to all routine tasks and provides clear user information with easy shortcut buttons to start routine tasks immediately. The modular design facilitates the combined measurements of density with refractive index, color, and/or pH and conductivity. Powerful sampling and automation units can entirely automate measurements, thoroughly clean the instrument, and use certified combined liquid reference materials. Its software offers smooth and seamless integration with a laboratory information management system by organizing comprehensive sample lists containing all relevant data in order to automate quality control processes.

Process-Control sensors

ARC sensors, designed for pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity measurements, feature a built-in microprocessor that can communicate with standard analog (4-20A) and digital ModBus interfaces and are safe to sterilize with autoclave, CIP, and SIP. The ARC View Handheld provides a local display configured with ARC Wi wireless communication, allowing users mobility while monitoring data from multiple sensors. Three ARC package options are offered: ARC Vital allows customers to communicate simply via analog or digital communication and without the use of a transmitter; the enhanced ARC Versa system combines the reliability of ARC Vital with the convenience of wireless communication; and the top-of-the-line ARC Vision system incorporates digital technology that enables creation of wired or wireless sensor networks.

Nucleic Acid Analysis

The MassArray Analyzer 4 mass spectrometry system is a high-performance nucleic acid analysis platform designed to meet the demand for a benchtop instrument with flexibility across multiple applications, improved reliability, and faster performance. With the capability for quantitative gene expression analysis and epigenetic nucleic acid methylation analysis, as well as high throughput genotyping and single nucleotide polymorphism fine mapping applications, the analyzer is designed to empower the basic and translational research community to advance findings from basic genetic and biomarker studies toward clinical utility in diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of disease. The system is configured to provide increased throughput, faster time-to-results, and the ability to cost-effectively run from tens to thousands of samples daily, making it suitable for use in basic and translational research.

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