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Science  17 Dec 2010:
Vol. 330, Issue 6011, pp. 1700
DOI: 10.1126/science.330.6011.1700-a

Sirna Premixes

With FlexiTube siRNA Premix, small interfering RNA (siRNA) for your gene of interest and highly efficient transfection reagent are already premixed and provided in a single tube. FlexiTube siRNA Premix includes a specialized buffer that increases the stability of siRNA-reagent complexes. The ratio of reagent to siRNA in FlexiTube siRNA Premix is preoptimized to provide the highest transfection efficiency and gene knockdown. FlexiTube siRNA Premix is ready-to-use for cell transfection. Simply add to cells and incubate. With FlexiTube siRNA Premix, RNA interference experiments get off to a faster start, as there is no need to optimize siRNA-to-reagent ratio. Tedious optimization experiments involving multiple transfections are minimized or eliminated. Multiple transfections can be performed from a single FlexiTube siRNA Premix, reducing variability, and enabling consistency across experiments and more reliable results.

Transfection Reagents

Effective and nontoxic DNA and small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery is essential for reliable scientific results. jetPRIME is a new versatile and powerful DNA and siRNA transfection reagent for day-to-day experiments. jetPRIME ensures high DNA transfection efficiency and excellent gene silencing in a variety of adherent cells. jetPRIME is ideal for DNA/siRNA cotransfection and is very gentle to cells since it requires low amounts of nucleic acid and reagent during transfection. The jetPRIME protocol is easy-to-follow and compatible with the use of serum and antibiotics during transfection.

siRNA Silencing Kit

Enabling researchers to perform efficient small interfering RNA (siRNA) silencing (gene knockdown) experiments in small animal models, Invivofectamine 2.0 Reagent and Ambion In Vivo siRNA provide strong and sustained knockdown of in vivo protein expression in an easy-to-use kit. These tools accelerate the use of RNA interference to efficiently study gene function in animal models. Targeted gene silencing has been demonstrated to last for more than three weeks with a single application of Invivofectamine 2.0 Reagent and the positive control Ambion In Vivo siRNA. The new reagents provide a powerful alternative to the conventional use of knockout mouse models, which can take nearly 10 months to develop. Sold as part of a 1 ml starter kit or a 5 ml kit, Invivofectamine 2.0 Reagent and Ambion In Vivo siRNA are synthetic, contain no components of viral origin, and show minimal to no toxicity after extensive initial studies.

In Vivo Transfection Kit

The PEG-Liposome siRNA In Vivo Transfection Kit is designed for in vivo transfection of negatively charged molecules—RNA, DNA, and small proteins. Transfection is one of the major laboratory methods used to introduce DNA and RNA molecules into cells and tissues. This technique makes it possible to cross cellular barriers and deliver a gene or a small interfering RNA (siRNA) into cells for research or therapeutic purposes. The novel PEGylated liposome-based siRNA delivery kit is optimized for directed RNA interference induction by efficient delivery of functional small RNA molecules (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA) into tissues. The liposome component provides in vivo siRNA protection due to efficient siRNA-liposome encapsulation. A remarkable feature of this reagent is reduced innate immune response and low cytotoxicity due to biodegradable PEG modification.

RNA Isolation

When working with stored materials, researchers often need to isolate RNA from samples that have been stored as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks. Although the tissue structure of FFPE samples will have been maintained for histological analysis, damage to the nucleic acid may have occurred through the fixation, embedding, and storage processes impeding measurements of gene expression levels. ExpressArt FFPE RNAready overcomes the limitations associated with RNA degradation and interference from RNA cross-linking in FFPE tissues. The FFPE RNAready kit efficiently isolates and preserves mRNA using a specially developed lysis solution and an innovative universal inhibitor of RNases that displaces tightly bound RNA from high-molecular-weight aggregates. Subsequent treatment with a unique de-modification reagent reverses formalin induced cross-links, resulting in total RNA optimized for reverse transcription reactions and subsequent downstream applications. FFPE RNAready together with ExpressArt RNA amplification TRinucleotide primer technology is now available to amplify microgram quantities of high quality RNA from very small amounts of degraded total RNA, with minimal loss of sequence.

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