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Science  12 Aug 2011:
Vol. 333, Issue 6044, pp. 897
DOI: 10.1126/science.333.6044.897-a

Imaging Flow Cytometer

The FlowSight is a compact and affordable 12-channel flow cytometer with unrivalled fluorescence sensitivity and the breakthrough ability to produce imagery of every cell. The modular FlowSight can be upgraded in the factory or the field with up to four lasers, a 96-well AutoSampler, and a Quantitative Imaging package, thereby providing the capabilities and flexibility to meet the needs of a broad range of users. With 12 detection channels, visual verification of every cell, and affordable pricing, the FlowSight is designed to serve the needs of beginners and expert flow cytometrists. The FlowSight complements Amnis' flagship ImageStreamX imaging flow cytometer, a high resolution microscope for cells in fluid suspension that enables numerous image-based assays in rare subpopulations. The FlowSight is based on the proven ImageStreamX architecture and shares its remarkable fluorescence sensitivity, exceeding that of high-end conventional flow cytometers by five-fold or more.

Dry Gel Loading Dye

Dye Dots Dry Gel Loading Dye eliminates a time-consuming step in the gel loading process, removes the potential for sample loss or mix-up, and reduces pipette tip waste. Dye Dots are the first gel loading dye available in dry, ready-to-use aliquots that resolubilize in seconds, eliminating the need to use parafilm for preparing sample aliquots for gel loading. Dye Dots are composed of a patent-pending formulation that enables rapid reconstitution upon application of a DNA or RNA sample and immediate loading into non-denaturing TAE and TBE agarose gels. Dye Dots Dry Gel Loading Dye is conveniently arranged in a low-profile plate containing 72 aliquots. Dye Dots are compatible with all types of DNA and RNA samples.

Laboratory Reaction System

The ReactoMate Compact is a small, safe, and super-stable laboratory reaction system. Complementing the ReactoMate Standard and Super Support systems, the new Compact model accommodates jacketed reactors from 50 ml to 5,000 ml and delivers precise control of reaction variables to mimic conditions in much larger plant vessels. The ReactoMate Compact is constructed using stainless steel components for excellent stability and the standard operating temperature range is -60°to 190° Larger vessels, 3,000 ml to 5,000 ml, can be supported at the bottom as well as at the top for superior strength and safety. Setup is simple and the space-saving design ensures that the unit takes up as little space as possible in a standard fume cupboard while providing convenient access to the reaction vessel. The ReactoMate Compact is part of a comprehensive system that includes a stand, a choice of single and double-jacketed vessels (glass, steel, Hastelloy, or polytetrafluoroethylene), and ancillary equipment.


The NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit is the only commercially available kit that completely eliminates the need for amplification during library prep. Using specially designed master-mixed enzymes, the NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit enables better read-mapping and a reduction in duplicate sequences leading to reduced sequence cost, more representative base identities, and better de novo assembly. This kit features enhanced adapter ligation technology, which results in library preps with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. The NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit also simplifies workflow by using master mixed reagents and magnetic bead-based cleanup, reducing pipetting, and eliminating time-consuming steps in library preparation. In addition, the availability of up to 48 unique adapter barcodes makes this one of the most high throughput kits available.

Fluid Bed Dryer

The Model 501 Programmable Fluid Bed Dryer provides a convenient lab-scale method of rapid moisture reduction/removal at relatively low temperatures. Multiple configurations and microprocessor control ensure complete flexibility for a wide range of applications. The Fluid Bed Dryer delivers a high airflow rate, breaking up wet samples and ensuring vigorous mixing so that drying is not only fast but uniform. Microprocessor control of the airflow, inlet air temperature, and drying period, and a temperature/humidity probe within the tub assembly, enable all stages of the drying process to be programmed, monitored, and analyzed. Offering a maximum sample capacity of 5 kg, the Model 501 is compatible with both glass and stainless steel drying tubs of various volumes, and with a range of inlet and outlet filters and other accessories. This versatility makes it possible to dry hundreds of different sample types as well as carry out mixing, granulation, and other processes.


The new SpectroArt 252 Spectrophotometer replaces the successful SpectroArt 200 model and is the ideal spectrophotometer for everyday biolaboratory needs. The new 252 is equipped with a high throughput Xenon flash light source providing a wide-range scanning wavelength from 200 nm to 800 nm with a high resolution narrow spectral bandwidth (3 nm). Its compact exterior design with 5.7-inch large-scale touch screen display makes the SpectroArt 252 extremely user-friendly. Intelligent software coupled with protein/DNA concentration determination, whole spectrum scanning, and single wavelength measurement, makes SpectroArt 252 suitable for many bioscience applications. When fitted with an ultramicro volume cuvette, SpectroArt 252 can be used to measure sample volumes as small as 0.7 μl.

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