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Science  04 Nov 2011:
Vol. 334, Issue 6056, pp. 594
DOI: 10.1126/science.334.6056.594-d

Books et al.: “Picture perfect future past” by G. Riddihough (7 October, p. 41). The first sentence of the third paragraph should have read “But, as Out of This World documents, modern science fiction is more than the warmed-over imaginings of earlier generations.”

Reports: “Three-dimensional Anderson localization of ultracold matter” by S. S. Kondov et al. (7 October, p. 66). Reference 14 [F. Jendrzejewski et al., http://arxiv.org/abs/1108.0137 (2011)] should have been accompanied by a note stating that while their paper was in proof, Kondov et al. were made aware of related three-dimensional experiments that were released in this preprint.

News Focus: “False positive” by J. Cohen and M. Enserink (23 September, p. 1694). In the last sentence in the first column of p. 1699, the story credits the author of the blog CFS Central with a call for aggressive, ACT UP–style protests and the quote, “I believe we need to act quickly, before the FDA/NIH paper is killed.” In fact, it was a patient who wrote this on the blog, not the blog author.

Reports: “African wild ungulates compete with or facilitate cattle depending on season” by W. O. Odadi et al. (23 September, p. 1753). An incorrect e-mail address was given for the fi rst corresponding author. The correct address is woodadi{at}yahoo.com. The online HTML version has been corrected. In Table 2, the heading for the fourth column should be “Dead stems (hits/100 pins).” The reference callouts at the end of the last sentence beginning on page 1754, which begins “We posit that...,” should include reference (22), to read “...in the Serengeti ecosystem (18, 2022). The reference callout (22) in the final paragraph on page 1755 should be (23).

Reports: “Activation of β-catenin in dendritic cells regulates immunity versus tolerance in the intestine” by S. Manicassamy et al. (13 August 2010, p. 849). Some of the arrows in Fig. 4C were incorrect, and the original images did not fully demonstrate the line in the text that referred to “increases in inflammatory cell infiltration, edema, epithelial cell hyperplasia, and loss of goblet cells in the colon of β-catDC−/− mice as compared with β-catfl/fl mice.” In the revised figure shown here, the arrows have been corrected and new panels have been added. The corrected caption is: “Histopathological changes in colon tissue from β-catfl/fl or β-catDC−/− mice treated with or without 2% DSS treatment for 7 days. Areas of interest are infiltration of inflammatory cells (black arrows), edema (yellow arrows), and loss of crypts (green arrows) and goblet cells.” The changes described here do not affect the Report's conclusions.

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