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Science  06 Jan 2012:
Vol. 335, Issue 6064, pp. 112
DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6064.112-a


The UltraSlim-LED blue light transilluminator is a high-intensity LED light transilluminator, which allows scientists safe, sensitive viewing of a wide range of fluorescently stained DNA/RNA gels. The compact UltraSlim-LED transilluminator uses LEDs to produce an Epi-blue light with a narrow emission peak centred at 470 nm. This is not only safer but is comparable to ultraviolet (UV) light for the excitation of most fluorescent dyes, including Ethidium bromide, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green, SYBRSafe, and the new UltraPower DNA safe dye. The UltraSlim-LED can be used as a portable transilluminator on the bench as the system is easy to lift, takes up very little bench space and scientists do not have to worry about stray UV light causing retinal and skin damage. The transilluminator features a special built-in glass filter lid, providing optimum viewing conditions for band cutting.

Protein Assay

The RED 660 Protein Assay is a single reagent colorimetric assay that outperforms commercial colorimetric assays such as Bradford and improved Coomassie/Bradford. The RED 660 Protein Assay offers greater linearity, greater color stability, and greater compatibility with detergents, reducing agents and other interfering agents compared to the Coomassie assays. The RED 660 Protein Assay, based on a single proprietary dye-metal complex reagent, is supplied ready-to-use, allowing for the rapid analysis of total protein concentration and the generation of highly reproducible results. Suitable for simple, rapid estimation of protein concentration, the RED 660 Protein Assay detects proteins in the range of 50 to 2,000 μg/mL. The assay enables protein estimation to be performed using as little as 0.5 μg protein. While compatible with most detergents, its compatibility can be even further enhanced by using G-Biosciences' Neutralizer.

Automated Recombinant Protein Synthesis/Purification System

The ExiProgen is the first automated recombinant protein synthesis/purification system in the world. Bioneer's ExiProgen system is a breakthrough in synthetic biology that allows for rapid, small-scale in vitro synthesis and purification of 1 to 16 different proteins per run. System automation allows for a simple template-DNA-input, purified-protein-output workflow in approximately six hours. The E. coli-based transcription/translation system is designed to maximize efficiency and yield. Purification of the expressed protein is carried out by His-tag purification using Bioneer's spherical nickel-magnetic nanoparticles. The net result is 1–16 samples of up to 100 μg of > 90% pure protein(s). ExiProgen, like its sister instrument the ExiPrep 16 Plus, can also perform RNA and DNA extractions from a variety of samples making it one of the most versatile instruments on the market today.

Magnetic Bead Immunoassays

The Procarta Immunoassay Kit detects cytokines, growth factors, and other proteins with great sensitivity and reproducibility. The new magnetic bead format is an affordable and simple solution that helps automate and streamline the workflow for protein-expression profiling and quantitation. The Procarta Immunoassays provide a comprehensive analyte menu available in six species including human, mouse, rat, nonhuman primate, canine, and porcine. The assays are compatible with many sample types including plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, bronchoalveolar fluid, nasal lavage, cultured cells, and cell lysates. All reagents included in the kit are optimized to the species and sample type to address matrix and species-specific effects. All analytes are now available in both magnetic and polystyrene bead formats. In addition, Affymetrix's custom manufacturing capability allows customers to order customized assay panels, and the ready-to-use assays allow for a simplified workflow that can be completed in less than four hours.

Gel Imaging

The new Gel Logic 6000 PRO is a premium system for imaging gel, blots, and plates using multiple modalities including chemiluminescence, ultraviolet and multiwavelength fluorescence, and radioisotopic labels—all in a single, easy-to-use platform. These modalities can be captured in sequence, which streamlines workflow and offers significant time savings. Researchers are no longer limited to two or three fluorescent channels or restricted to the continuous process of stripping and reprobing blots. The Gel Logic 6000 PRO system comes complete with new Multiplex Analysis Software, a state-of-the-art image capture and analysis program that allows researchers to capture, overlay, and analyze data from up to four individual layers within an image. This allows for more efficient processes and increases the amount of data that can be extracted from a single experiment.

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