11 May 2012
Vol 336, Issue 6082

About The Cover

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COVER Enhanced-color view of the "Snowman" craters (Marcia, Calpurnia, and Minucia) on the asteroid Vesta generated by combining imaging and topography data from NASA's Dawn spacecraft. The 60-kilometer-wide Marcia crater (at bottom) is one of the youngest large craters on Vesta with a small central peak, as well as light and dark streaks on its walls. See the series of six Reports beginning on page 684. Image generated using Dawn Framing Camera images: Lucille Le Corre (MPS), David O'Brien (PSI), Vishnu Reddy (MPS/UND); PI of Dawn mission: Christopher T. Russell (UCLA); Dawn Framing Camera leader: Andreas Nathues (MPS), significant contributions from Ralf Jaumann (DLR)