Science in the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Science  31 Aug 2012:
Vol. 337, Issue 6098, pp. 1123
DOI: 10.1126/science.337.6098.1123-c


China has made great strides in a wide range of research areas, from mathematics to astronomy to genomics. As the largest scientific organization in China, the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) is a major driving force behind these advances. Through support and guidance from CAS, China is focused on building "big science" infrastructure, as well as on developing a talent pool of top notch scientists for the country. This talent pool is being built through programs to retain and cultivate the best Chinese scientists (while encouraging them to travel globally for training and to develop collaborations), as well as numerous incentive programs for international scientists to visit and work in China.

CAS supports cutting-edge research in many of the fields currently seen worldwide as areas of intense interest and investigation. These include stem cell research and regenerative medicine, global climate change (and its effect on world populations and economies), and the development of new green science technologies that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also provide new, cleaner, and more efficient sources of energy. The Academy also provides strong support for the transfer of new, innovative technologies from the laboratory to industry, a process through which discoveries made locally can benefit people across the globe.

As China moves into a new era of economic prosperity and scientific success, the role of CAS will undoubtedly grow, both domestically and globally. By maintaining its focus on innovation, nurturing exceptional talent, and building additional S&T capacity, CAS will surely meet the challenges of the coming years from a position of stability and strength.