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Science  22 Mar 2013:
Vol. 339, Issue 6126, pp. 1457
DOI: 10.1126/science.339.6126.1457-a


The new DP26 standalone controller can be optimally positioned for user comfort and allows ultrafast imaging, without needing to boot up a computer or load dedicated software. This is especially useful for applications such as cell culture and pathology, as well as for microscopes shared by large groups. Using the controller, the camera can be linked directly to a monitor screen, while providing simple and intuitive control of digital zoom, image capture, and color balance. Image and video capture is fast and simple, all at the touch of a single button. With a USB connection, the standalone controller permits storage of videos and images, with exposure settings, magnifications, and other parameters stored for future reference. Images can also be saved to a shared folder on a networked drive via the Ethernet connection. Utilizing the progressive scan readout, the DP26 is capable of producing totally fluid imaging at up to 16 frames per second, while avoiding the occurrence of any distracting artifacts.


The Vacuubrand MZ2C NT +AK+M+D is a dry diaphragm vacuum pump integrated with the essential accessories for basic rotary evaporation and other common laboratory tasks. The heart of the system is the powerful MZ2C NT chemistry-design oil-free pump with a 5 Torr ultimate vacuum, and 38 L per minute free air capacity—powerful enough for most laboratory-sized tasks, such as gel drying, rotary evaporators and smaller vacuum ovens. A flow control knob helps match pumping speed to vapor flow to quietly help prevent bumping and foaming, and an inlet catch pot helps keep condensate from compromising vacuum performance. A Bourdon dial vacuum gauge, and space-saving stand completes the package. Ultralow maintenance with no oil to monitor or change, and no cold trap is required to protect the pump. Typical service interval is well in excess of 10,000 operating hours.


The MetaMorph Super-Resolution System, with synchronized image acquisition and processing, enables analysis of object details smaller than 250 nm in fixed- and live-cells. The new system features real-time image processing with its GPU-accelerated hardware, expanding the capabilities of optical microscopy in research and supports numerous scientific applications, from time-lapse studies to 3-D investigations. When using light microscopy alone, images of biological matter smaller than 250 nm appear blurred and, as a result, are virtually impossible to analyze. Superresolution microscopy can help to overcome the limits of light microscopy by reconstructing images at a resolution surpassing the diffraction limit of the objective lens. With patent-pending image processing techniques, the new MetaMorph Super-Resolution System is capable of 20 nm lateral resolution in real-time. The user-friendly software guides researchers through setup, acquisition, and analysis, with a dedicated workspace in the user interface ensuring that relevant configuration and display settings are readily accessible.


The new 2 mL storage tube uniquely combines higher sample storage capacity and absolute sample traceability in an industry-standard 96-tube rack format. The new Micronic 2.00 mL storage tube uses a unique 2-D code laser encrypted on the tube bottom to enable easy identification and traceable storage of your samples. The unique 2-D code identifies the sample, its coordinates within a storage rack, the particular rack and the location of the rack in your freezer. Produced in a modern class 7 clean room production facility from ultrapure polypropylene, Micronic 2 mL tubes are certified RNase/DNase free and nontoxic making them the ideal secure medium for storage of liquid or solid samples. In addition to having the ideal shape for gripping with a robotic arm, Micronic 2 mL tubes have been designed to fit in the industry-standard format 96-tube Roborack, which enables loading with standard 8- or 12-channel pipettes and simple integration with automated liquid handling platforms.


The Mosaic 5.0 is the latest development of the popular Mosaic software for the expert management of samples, including compounds, biological collections, reagents, and standards. Mosaic 5.0 provides comprehensive inventory management features, which include handling multiple substance types, managing storage locations, and supporting configurable sample-set management and usage restrictions. As well as a powerful interface for the simple ordering of stock samples, Mosaic also provides convenient interfaces to request the dispensing, customizable selection, reformatting, and dilution of samples into the desired format. Mosaic orders are processed using Mosaic's workflow management and fulfilment modules which can be integrated with a variety of manual and automated storage systems and instruments for maximum functionality. The Mosaic 5.0 software is available to new customers and to existing users via Titian's support and maintenance program.

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